Straight from the fridge, dad.

Where everyone is good, but not great.

i don't know nothink.
18 November 1985
New York, New York, United States
Redeeming Qualities
Bryn Mawr College - Bryn Mawr PA (2004 - 2008)
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a.a. milne, alec guinness, an old-fashioned girl, annette funicello, anthony blunt, being a hermit, being mean sometimes, bill peet, brat farrar, brown ink, captain blood, cary grant, cheese, children's books, cold comfort farm, crazy john ruskin, david niven, doctor who, donna noble, dorothy sayers, dumbo, easy academy, edmund dulac, edward gorey, edward stratemeyer, father brown, food snobs, fox in socks, fred astaire, freedom of speech, g.a. henty, g.k. chesterton, gabriel syme, gaudy night, george herriman, george smiley, getz/gilberto, graphs maps trees, gullible sabatini heroines, guy burgess, harriet vane, harry potter, having warm feet, henry mancini, history, horatio alger, house md, ignatz, jens lekman, josephine tey, jungle jim, kim philby, kimball o'hara, korean barbeque, kossar's bialys, krazy kat, l.t. meade, lata mangeshkar, lawrence of arabia, leslie howard, little nemo in slumberland, lord peter wimsey, mark e. smith, marlowe: gay atheist spy, martha jones, max fleischer, mervyn bunter, milton caniff, montblanc, new york city, noel sickles, oliver optic, paint samples, pirates, pygmalion, rafael sabatini, rose tyler, rudyard kipling, scaramouche, scorchy smith, scud east, secret societies, severus snape, sharpe, sherlock holmes, sir arthur conan doyle, sir edward burne-jones, sir percy blakeney, sir william jones, snobs, stalky & co., stephin merritt, stratemeyer's incestuous characters, swashbuckling, sweater weather, terry and the pirates, the 19th century, the cheese essay, the fall, the magnetic fields, the pushcart war, the scarlet pimpernel, the word "coeval", tinker tailor soldier spy, toby esterhase, top hat, trilby, ucello's merry-go-round horses, wallace and gromit, werekangaroos, whimsy, wilkie collins
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